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•   Day Use Sanitary Napkin 245mm (10pcs per box
•   Night Use Sanitary Napkin 290mm(8pcs per box)
•   Panty Liners Sanitary Napkin 152mm(30pcs per box)

i-Leaf sanitary napkins are the new generation of negative ions upgrade version with four main physical function chip, containing magnetic properties or magnetic therapy, far infrared, static anions and dynamic anions.

i-Leaf sanitary napkins "Negative Ion Chip (Japan Technology)" can release anion concentration up to 1000 / s • cm2 constantly under static, stable condition (the equivalent of negative ions in the park on the outskirts), and up to 6290 / cm3 dynamic ion concentration, which produces strong anion energy waves, i-Leaf sanitary napkins also can continuously send up the far infrared ray with 8-14u wavelength which is easy to absorbed and benefit for human body, the emissivity is more than 85%; because the chip added nanometer magnetic materials, and using the human bio-magnetic effect of such internal, adjusting and restoring variety of body’s uneven or abnormal functional state to achieve health care.

i-Leaf  feature:

  1. Improving the human microcirculation;

  2. Enhancing immunity, cytophagous phagocytic function in the organism blood so improving immunity and the abilities to resist disease.

  3. The effection of anti-inflammation detumescence  

  4. Speed up metabolism;

  5. Activate cells, to achieve the function of activating blood analgesia, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, expel evil and create well-being etc.

  6. Strengthening osmosis of the endocrine, adjusting endocrine disorder;

  7. Eliminate the odor;

  8. Eliminating toxins, reducing fatigue.

  9. It can improve the capacity of self-protection during ladies’ menstrual period , and prevent gynecological diseases

The role of magnetism on human health as below:

Magnetic therapy is using the human bio-magnetic effect of such internal, adjusting and restoring variety of body’s uneven or abnormal functional state to achieve health care purposes. Modern medical research found that the body can produce induced micro -currents under the action of a magnetic field, regulating human bio-magnetic field, with biological effects , there is a good role and influence for meridian system and organs function, microcirculation, blood circulation, blood system and organs, cells etc.

According to clinical observation and experimental research is from Western medicine, magnetic therapy has the following functions:

  1. Magnetic therapy can enhance the vitality of white blood cells, the phagocytic function of white blood cells will be more active under the influence of Magnetic field, the slow sedimentation of erythrocyte and lymphocyte, which benefit for anti-inflammatory and help reduce the blood sedimentation.

  2. Magnetic therapy can improve blood circulation, increase oxygen and iron absorption, excluding carbon dioxide and the effluents of blood (harmful toxins and fatigue material).

  3. Magnetic can produce electric current in the body which can increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls to make blood vessels hemangiectasis, reducing blood viscosity, accelerated blood flowage , eliminating embolization.

  4. Magnetic therapy can strengthen osmosis of the endocrine, adjusting endocrine disorder;Magnetic therapy can stimulate the body sensors – excite peripheral nerves, regulate nerve function.

  5. Magnetic therapy can spread and disappear algogenic substance, like bradykinin, 5 – HT (tryptamine), acidic metabolites.

From traditional Chinese medical science, because the magnetic as acupuncture and moxibustion , are primarily to treat disease through the human body’s channel and point , indicating magnetic therapy for the effect of channels and collaterals are obvious, although the Intrinsic Quality of Channels and Collaterals in the medically has not yet been clarified and made the medical findings, there is considered to be modern nervous system, vascular system are also considered, then there is considered to be endocrine system, as well as that of the lymphatic system, or a combination between them, but the Meridian is an objective. Magnetic field is conducive to rule out metabolic waste. Waste generated in the metabolism, if not immediately removed the in vitro and deposited in the body, can cause some discomfort after a long time to affect health. However, under the effect of the magnetic field, by improving blood circulation, especially microcirculation, accelerate the removal of metabolic waste, and promote the supply of nutrients and oxygen, help to promote human health.

Far infrared effect on human health as below:

The human body is a natural infrared radiation source, it with a wide emission band, no matter what color of complexion is. Activation of normal skin, firing rate was 98%, body surface thermal radiation wavelength range is 2.5-1.5um, 9.3um wavelength peak, of which 8-14um band radiation energy radiation accounts for about 46% of total body, according to Kiel Hoff's law that the human body is a good infrared absorber at the same time, absorption wavelength is mainly 8-14um ,the absorption mechanism of infrared radiation matches the resonance of absorption spectrum, that is the wavelengths of radiation source equivent with the wavelengths of absorption, the object will absorb a large amount of infrared radiation.

Modern medical have proved that: Many diseases is relate to microcirculatory disturbance, regarding bioeffect, Some persons understood the frequency of far infrared ray is equivent with the shake frequency between The molecules of living things are made and atom, so the energy absorbed by cells susceptible organisms to intramolecular vibrations increase, activate cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, improve blood flow surface, good thermal effects, in addition, far infrared radiation but also make organism molecule produce resonance absorber effect , under the action of infrared photons, so that objects at the molecular level to be excited and the higher vibration level, which would improve the activity of biological macromolecules such as nucleic acid protein, and thus play its regulating body metabolism, increase immune function, improve microcirculation and other effects.

The role of negative ions on human health as

  1. Hydrated hydroxyl ion H3O2into the human body through respiration, blood pH can be adjusted so that the body fluids become alkaline, alkaline body fluids can activate cells, increase cell permeability, increase the cell's various functions, and maintain the ion balance; purifying the blood, inhibiting the formation of serum cholesterol, reducing blood pressure; negative ions enter into the body through the transformation ability of oxygen to speed up the metabolism, restore or reduce fatigue, make people feel happy and relax the body and promote the function of reparative therapy.
  2. Negative ions can activate the brain hormone β-endorphin, with a stable autonomic nerve, control sympathetic nerve, prevent a nervous breakdown, improve sleep efficiency, and improve immunity.
  3. Hydrated hydroxyl ion (H3O2) with air molecules in the reaction of the smell, the smell; can be contaminated with the air of positive ions and thus play a role in purifying the air.
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