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Performance beauty soap include special materials which are 100% pure coconut oil and  FIR materials, Chitosan the highest grade beauty soap maintain moisten skin and soft skin, makes tired body recover health to experdite metabolism, removes bad smell of sweat and body by deodorization actions, protects skin from eczema, athlete's foot, pimple high quality product.


What are the Top Health Benefits of Bio Anion Beauty Soap ?


1) Help improve the blood of circulation and recover from body fatigue.
2) Remove odor of sweat and bad smell of body.
3) Antibacterial elements protect your skin from eczema, athlete's foot, pimples.
4) Oleophilic and hydrophilic property makes your skin soft and moisturized.
5) Prevent skin trouble and keep the balance of moisture & oil on your skin.
6) Activate cell functions, make your hair shiny and protect your pores.
7) The effect of restoring moisture is quite high and beauty effect is excellent

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