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    Mixed Botanical Beverage Hoodia Drink with Yumberry      

Hoodia gordonii, a plant that, while it looks like a cactus, is actually a "succulent" that grows in the high deserts of the Kalahari Desert region of South Africa. The San people of the Kalahari -- a tribe of hunter-gatherers with a 27,000-year-old culture and history in using native plants for medicinal purposes -- have been using the hoodia plant for centuries to help ward off pain, hunger and thirst when the Bushmen made long trips in the desert.

There are various species of hoodia, but the Gordonii variation is the only one that contains the all-natural appetite suppressant. This type of hoodia contains a molecule that has similar effects on nerve cells as glucose, and tricks the brain into the sensation of fullness. Results of human clinical trials in Britain suggest that hoodia may reduce the appetite by hundreds of calories a day or more.




Some people report that hoodia works for them immediately, suppressing appetite within 20 to 30 minutes after taking the Hoodia Juice. Generally, though, people typically need up to two weeks of regularly taking hoodia before they begin to notice the effects of hoodia, which include:

  • A reduced interest in food
  • A delay in the time after eating before hunger sets in again
  • Feeling full more quickly
  • General feeling of well-being



Yumberry - is a unique fruit crop mainly cultivated in subtropical region of southeast China. Yumberry fruit has a bright-colored round appearance with juicy sugar-acid balanced flesh containing high nutritional value. Yumberry is actually a commercialized name that was given within the past few years to the fruit of  Myrica Rubra plant that grown and used in Asia for thousands of years. The name is said to have evolved

from the Chinese word for this fruit, “Yang-Mei”, which when annunciated sounds very much like “yummy”. Yang-Mei are not berries, but rather “drupes” (like cherries), which means they have an outer shell with a single stone seed in the middle surrounded by juicy pulp. These lychee lookalikes round red or purple fruits are not only rich in ellagic acid, vitamins and minerals but also boast some powerful antioxidants that fight cancer-causing free radicals as well as boost the immune system, and lower blood pressure and LDL "bad" cholesterol. The purple variety of yumberry has the best quality and taste

What are the Top Health Benefits of Taking HODIA™ ?
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Anti Aging!
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Readily Absorbable
  • Boost Energy Levels !
  • Curbs Hunger Craving
  • A High ORAC Product !
  • Natural Source of Ellagic Acid and Fiber
  • improves General Metabolism
  • Strengthen the Immune System!
  • Beneficial As A Dietary
  • Alleviate Cell Damage Caused by Free Radicals
  • Easier to Swallow than Hard Tablets & Powders
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