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CF1-8 Power Fuel Addictive





CF1-8 Power Fuel Addictive is a revolution Lead Substitutes of the latest and most innovative technological development. It is made of palm oil and suitable for all type of engine. It helps to save operational and maintenance cost of your car if used on long term basis.

Since CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive made from palm oil which contains a higher percentage of fatty acid. This fatty acid, being a natural mineral for lubrication is now being used as a replacement for lead. Upon mixing with the fuel, this will lubricate the upper cylinder of the engine with the reduction in the wear out and resistance of the piston.

With the use of CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive mixing in the fuel, our fuel will be fully burnt up. Thus reducing the emission of the excessive harmful smoke leading to a less polluted environment.

  Fuel molecules effect BEFORE and AFTER adding  

Before Adding CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive
In one drop of fuel consists a lot of big molecules, generally these big molecules are neither being fully burnt up in the engine's combustion chamber and are normally emitted as smoke wastage through the exhaust. This will affect the engine performance as well as fuel consumption.


After Adding CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive
After ionizing and dispersing of "big" molecule into smaller molecules. The fuel becomes easier to burn up, leading to the enhancement of the engine performance and fuel consumption.

  The Characteristic Of CF1-8 Power Fuel Addictive:
  1. The main ingredient is made up from palm oil.
  2. Apart from being fuel additive, it is also a fuel booster to the engine's combustion chamber.
  3. It is specially design for all types of engine i.e. Carburetor, fuel injection and diesel. It can be categorized as "3 in 1 product".
  4. It will not create any negative effects on our human body and environment.
  5. Usage of higher quantities of CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive will further the enhance engine's power and performance. This will not affect the engine or the spark plugs.
  6. CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive is also marvelous for car racing purpose.
  7. This is an environmental friendly product.
  8. It is practical and handy.
  9. he price of CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive is economical and affordable.
Benefit of CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive


Why use CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive?
Below are some basic differences with and without CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive. 

CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive

CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive

  Engine performance and power not improved. 

  Engine performance  and power  improved.

  Combustion rate not  improved.

  Combustion rate will  improved.

  Carbon deposit increased

  Carbon deposit  reduced.

  Friction increased.

  Friction reduced.

  Difficult to start engine.

  Easy to start engine.

  Engine operation noisy.

  Engine operation  become silent.

  High maintenance cost.

  Lower maintenance cost.

  Not environment friendly.

  Environment friendly.

Industrial Standard Quality Control Report


At Credence Field Sdn. Bhd. we take pride in producing one of the world best fuel additives which is suitable for both Petrol and Diesel based engines. Our product standards are of world class top grade and quality control at the very best.
Our product has gone through rigid quality test by various international bodies including SIRIM QAS International, NOVO Technology Environmental Services Pte. Ltd. etc.


SIRIM QAS International Berhad, is a Malaysia government-owned company, which is responsible to standardization of Malaysian products through excellence in technology and international acceptance, has tested CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive on the date of 7th February 2005.

NOVO Technology Services Pte. Ltd. is committed to quality policy, to provide an industry relevant and professional development has tested CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive on 29 August 2005.

The result from NOVO test shows that CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive contributes to fuel saving approximate of 20% tested of Nissan Cabstar Lorry.



CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) is shown on the right.


The Advantages and Benefits of using CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive




Increase engine power and performance.

This cab be felt immediate and will further increase the driving pleasure and confidence level.

Reduce fuel consumption.

Reduction of fuel cost equal to reduction in cost of living.

Reduce carbon deposits.

Whit a cleaner combustion chamber, the cost of maintenance will be reducing and the lifespan of the car will be increased.

Reduce friction.

Resulting to a lower maintenance cost, a quietness and smoother engine and minimize the interference of our car audio system.

Easy ignition.

This is especially good for the engine cold start. This will enhance the life span of the starter motor and the car battery.

Reduce black smoke.

This will definitely contribute to a more environment friendly society. Moreover, minimize risks on the action by the Authority on black smoke.

Increase fuel burn off.

The fuel becomes easier to burn up, leading to the enhancement of the engine performance and fuel consumption.

Prolong Engine Lifespan.

With continues use of CF1-8 Power Fuel Additive, the life span of an engine can be extended. Routine engine service/maintenance can be reduce.

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