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“ All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. ” - Walt Disney

  Just as poor health is not an inevitable consequence of aging, financial dependence is not an acceptable condition at any age. Yet, it is often the daily economic struggles that turn the dreams of our youth into the nightmares of our adult years. Everyone has different goals and dreams, but no one grew up with the plan of being in debt. Andrew Matthews, in his book, “Being Happy,” said it best: “God wants you to give to the poor, not to join them.”

As former distributors in the direct selling industry, IMI management knew that we wanted our business opportunity to focus on the positive things that additional money can bring into the lives of our Independent Representatives and their families. Not just paying off the bills and credit cards, but also being able to afford the vacations and weekend getaways, the homes and automobiles, the ability to meet the expenses of a college education for your children, and the time to enjoy life and plan for a worry free retirement. With financial independence comes the flexibility to pursue options that are limited only by our imagination. We wanted the dreams of everyone’s youth to again become possible though the IMI Opportunity


The IMI Opportunity is one of inclusion. Like our products, we wanted to develop a “premium” opportunity that anyone could master with the proper desire, devotion, and discipline. The success of the company is interdependent on the success of our Independent Representatives and our compensation program reflects strongly on that philosophy.


The IMI Difference: We are the competition!

  • Superior product quality to drive the opportunity
  • Extremely competitive discounts and wholesale pricing
  • Phenomenal retail commissions available through purchases
  • Unusually high bonus payout
  • Reasonable requirements to qualify for and maintain bonus payments
  • Numerous pools and incentives to motivate and reward performance
  We also wanted our opportunity to be fun! It is generally acknowledged that people tend to work harder for the recognition than they do for the money alone and our goal as a company is to combine the recognition with the rewards. The bottom line is that we want the experience of our company to be one of building solid relationships and lifelong friendships that go beyond the financial perks and public acknowledgment that comes with success. We are not a company that is here to give you hype, or merely to provide you with hope. We are here to give you a home.


  IMI is a flexible company and a creative company. We know that consumers appreciate the ability to choose from various options to determine what fits best with their lives, their schedules, and their goals. Based on our research of people’s preferences, we offer two distinct ways to obtain IMI products directly from the company – by joining as either a Preferred Customer or as an Independent Representative.

Preferred Customer

  IMI is a product driven company and a customer friendly company. We realize that some people, who really love our products, just do not have the time or the motivation to distribute them. Yet, they would still prefer the convenience of buying them for their personal use directly from the company. We also recognize, that in order to take advantage of discounts available to distributors, they will often join as Independent Representatives even though their intention is to only use the products, rather than market them. Finally, we understand that there are many thrifty consumers, who prefer to buy in greater quantities to receive the higher discounts traditionally available with such purchases. With these preferences in mind, they can join as Preferred Customer.

Independent Representative Business Opportunity

  While IMI is a product driven company, it is also a company that offers an exceptional opportunity to financially share in the growth of our company by joining as an Independent Representative and developing your own E-commerce business. We realize that the best way to encourage repeat sales is to offer only superior quality consumable products that people want and need. We also recognize that people will continue to order products when they are competitively priced and easy to order. Finally, we understand that people are more likely to join a company to distribute its products when there is a low start up cost combined with a compensation program that can reward their initial efforts with immediate, consistent and large income. With these preferences in mind, we invite you to join our company and share in our unique and lucrative opportunity as an IMI Independent Representative.
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